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Changing the way we think location and maps

At LocaleIQ we have spoken to the experts and their customers and have learned that geographies change slowly. The road outside has likely been there for years and will be there for the foreseen future. What does change is its availability, condition, rules other associated information. To find out more about how with LocaleIQ users can schedule and temporary maps, content, closures, alerts and more easily and in real-time. See how!

The Collaboration Effect

Location becomes more powerful when your entire organization and IoT infrastructure participates. Providing greater location awareness and communication when the right people can provide updated descriptions, hours, conditions, accessibility, rules, fees and much more about a location. LocaleIQ was built to enable the right people to communicate and provide quality location context communication.


With LocaleIQ build powerful drilldown/drill up capabilities for users to navigate to greater detail. Add a park, then add campground to your park, then add campsites to your campground. Without a line of code create a rich interactive experience.

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What if you could search a map for next weekend? With LocaleIQ users can because of our tools that enable customers add permanent, temporary or recurring publishing times for information. Add a farmers market every Saturday for the next eight weeks.

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Whether in field of the office provide your community with real-time updates. Tree on trail, wreck on the road or changes in weather, users can easily create real-time scheduled alerts, closures, notifications or changes in conditions to communicate.

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