Project Management

Easy to use from the office or the field. Share and collaborate on project information by location, add photos and video, assign resources, and track progress. View detailed project analytics against impact to your site and infrastructure over time.

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Land and infrastructure managers are continually maintaining and upgrading land assets and infrastructure and need to create, manage, and track projects to do so. LocaleIQ Project Manager provides an easy way, though project smart forms, for a staff member in the office or in the field who see the need for a maintenance project to map its location, take a picture or video of the project area and item, and assign that project to the appropriate resources. These projects frequently require collaboration between colleagues, other agencies, or contractors. LocaleIQ Project Manager allows you to provide secure access to any contributor by project, location, or any data category you define.

Assign Tasks

Once your project has been created you can create project tasks and milestones to track all the individual items that need to be done for your project’s completion. Set individual task timelines, sequence, and budget and resource requirements. Get notified when task(s) are behind schedule or over budget and view the impact of the project on other resources and overall timelines.

Project Mapping

Is there a downed tree on a trail? Graffiti on the side of a building? A leaking sprinkler head, or a light out? With LocaleIQ Project Manager you can geo-tag the location with your phone, take a picture, create a project and assign the appropriate resource to that project from the field. Restoring an area? Map the area and track the number of resources and overall costs required to restore the area, to better understand your cost of ownership by square feet or acre. LocaleIQ Project Manager with mapping provides a whole new way to visualize and analyze your site’s projects.

Budget & Cost Management

Track project budgets by overall project, task or location to best understand where your cost needs are and how they compare across locations and resource needs. LocaleIQ enables customers to better understand through visualization where your cost of ownership and maintenance needs are and how to best plan for and budget for the future.

Resource Management

Whether you manage a government agency or private business you rarely have as many resources as you need. With LocaleIQ Project Manager you can easily track resources against all their projects and view available resources, or conflicts to better plan and schedule projects and tasks. Resources can supply updates on progress and raise a flag that will automatically notify project owners when tasks are in jeopardy. Enabling management to quickly react to resource requirements.

Project Analysis

LocaleIQ’s platform is unique in that customers can assign and track projects against geographies, events, and services and then provide the ability to understand project and resource needs at a level that is unlike other project management solutions. We make it easier to understand the numbers of projects and costs it takes to put on your annual event, or how many resources and costs it takes to maintain a given trail, or road. This level of analysis gives a customers a better understanding of their location needs in a meaningful visual and actionable way.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

LocaleIQ for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

LocaleIQ for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

LocaleIQ for Events

Event Management

LocaleIQ for Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

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Food & Beverage

LocaleIQ for Agriculture


LocaleIQ for Outfitters

Outfitters & Guides

LocaleIQ for Crisis Management

Crisis Management

LocaleIQ for Wildlife


LocaleIQ for Forestry


LocaleIQ for Geography


LocaleIQ for Sports & Venues

Sports & Venues

LocaleIQ for Attractions


LocaleIQ for Concessions


LocaleIQ for Real Estate

Real Estate

LocaleIQ for Cultural


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