Event Management

LocaleIQ™ is a powerful tool for managing, mapping, promoting, and taking bookings for events. You have the flexibility to promote events that are free, or for a cost, one-time, or recurring, defined by a single location on a map, or a detailed map that shows routes, facilities, and vendor information. Track and manage volunteers for your event and promote events on your own site without sending your customers to a 3rd party events site.

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Create Events

No matter what kind of event you offer, with LocaleIQ Events Manager it is easy to create, manage and publish events online. From volunteer, entertainment, or educational events, to sports events and tours LocaleIQ Event Manager enables customers to quickly create and setup an event or series of events that users can sign up for directly on your site, or share securely with your partner sites. Provide rich descriptions, photos & videos, event and venue maps and track your event sign-up view and conversions. Enable automated email communications and events reminders to your participants.

Event Mapping

Maps are critical for events, whether you need to mark a single location on a map, create an event route for a parade or race, or create a detailed map of a venue with listed vendors, entertainment, facilities and emergency services. With LocaleIQ easily import GIS coordinates, or create your event maps using our custom map drawing tools that enable you to easily customize your own color palette, icons and imagery. Need to map event details for internal eyes only that are not meant to be seen by the public? Simply select on your master map which items are to be published internally only and which can be viewed by the public.

Event Registration

Sending your event participants to a 3rd party events site to register takes them away from your site and you lose control of being the single source of all communications with them. LocaleIQ makes it easy to create custom registration forms, to require event waivers, and to collect participant data directly on yours and your partners’ websites. LocaleIQ encrypts all your participant data and your participants belong to you; LocaleIQ does not re-market, or contact your customers, but gives you control of creating your own registration confirmation, reminders, thank you, and cancellation notices all through Event Manager smart forms.

Participant Tracking

With LocaleIQ Events Manager you can establish registration deadlines, maximum occupancy, and age requirements and track key registration statistics leading up to the event. See how visitors have viewed your event, how many have registered, where participants are coming from and more. After your event confirm the rate of participant attendance, track no-shows, and provide participant post-event updates and surveys to stay engaged for your next event.

Participant Communication

Setup personalized automated communication at multiple key points with your participants to ensure you keep them engaged and informed. LocaleIQ enables you to create custom confirmation, reminders, thank you, and cancellation emails for your participants. If you change the location or timing of your event, or cancel your event, a new email with updates will automatically be sent. You can also schedule reminders so your customer will be notified by email and/or text that their event is coming up. You can easily schedule a post-event thank you email for customers and provide a link to a post event page with event photos and re-cap.

Event Analysis

Track events performance and engagement over time and plan for more informed events and compelling messaging with LocalIQ Analytics Manager events dashboards and reports. Get insights to real-time and summary business and location intelligence (LI) about participants, registration conversions, booking percentage, event cost and revenues, repeat participants and much more.

Many events include volunteer management. Tracking and managing volunteer data in association with their area of impact provides you measurable information on the value your volunteers are bringing to your organization, as well as understanding volunteer demographics, thereby supporting intelligent volunteer management and recruitment decision making.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

LocaleIQ for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

LocaleIQ for Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

LocaleIQ for Events

Event Management

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Travel & Tourism

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Food & Beverage

LocaleIQ for Agriculture


LocaleIQ for Outfitters

Outfitters & Guides

LocaleIQ for Crisis Management

Crisis Management

LocaleIQ for Wildlife


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LocaleIQ for Geography


LocaleIQ for Sports & Venues

Sports & Venues

LocaleIQ for Attractions


LocaleIQ for Concessions


LocaleIQ for Real Estate

Real Estate

LocaleIQ for Cultural


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