Travel & Tourism

LocaleIQ for travel and tourism gives those hotels, motels, B&Bs, glamping sites and other accommodations types catering to outdoor recreation tourism a way to quickly and easily promote your accommodations, local attractions and things to do in the vicinity. LocaleIQ is also the perfect solution for visitors’ bureaus to promote their services and region to potential travelers.


Collaborate with co-workers, contractors and partners in the field or office in real-time. Streamline your operation and cost savings by enabling users with simplified and streamlined solutions to perform and track critical information.


So simple any can become an instant cartographer with easy-to-use drawing, import and capture tools users can easily geo-tag locations for internal and external use and publish in real-time or schedule for some time in the future.


Empower your users with the ability to quickly and easily post real-time alerts and notifications.


Easily create projects and assign resources to one-time or recurring tasks a location or locations. Track progress, keep resources updated and access business intelligence to better the cost and engagement of a location(s).

   Stay Connected

Don't just rely on your users for information, connect to your sensors and import informationn directly and immediately visualize. Create thresholds and automically generated alerts, projects and inform users.

   Private & Open Data

Now you can easily publish privately and/or to your Open Data which is managed and published in real-time, no more waiting for specialized skillset to get out real-time information about accessibility, services, information and alerts.


Do you have a diverse community that you need address and provide information. Now you can easily and quickly publish content, maps, projects, events, surveys and more in multiple languages.


Finally busineness and location intelligence and dashboards that are integrated into all your key business functions. Get access to analytics about your operations, visitors, assets and more.


Map Manager Build real-time custom interactive digital maps easily and without coding.

Creating maps is easy with LocaleIQ™ Map Manager’s map drawing tools, or import/export in standards-based formats. Now anyone on your staff can create and publish custom, interactive digital maps, with real-time updates, without buying expensive heavyweight GIS licenses. LocaleIQ integrates with popular GIS solutions.


Content Manager Curate, manage and publish information and meta-data securely.

Enhance an existing website, or collaborate internally with real-time published content updates. Share detailed information by location about events, projects, inventory and more. Easily manage and publish real-time alerts, closures, conditions, hours of operations, and any number of critical need-to-know information for your internal team or customers with LocaleIQ™.


Event Manager Easily create, publish and register participants and volunteers.

LocaleIQ™ is a powerful tool for managing, mapping, promoting, and taking bookings for events. You have the flexibility to promote events that are free, or for a cost, one-time, or recurring, defined by a single location on a map, or a detailed map that shows routes, facilities, and vendor information. Track and manage volunteers for your event and promote events on your own site without sending your customers to a 3rd party events site.


Project Manager Create projects, tasks, assign resources and track progress and cost of any location.

Easy to use from the office or the field. Share and collaborate on project information by location, add photos and video, assign resources, and track progress. View detailed project analytics against impact to your site and infrastructure over time.


Survey Manager Create custom surveys, polls, reviews and product recommenders.

LocaleIQ™ survey Manager enables customers to create any number of popular types of surveys including questionnaires, reviews, feedback, polls, assessments and product recommenders. Customers can create simple or complex surveys with the ability to deliver varied questions on-the-fly based on participants’ answers, in addition to the ability to enable scoring and recommendations based on participant feedback.


Sales & Reservations Manager Make any location reservable, add entrance fees, annual passes nad more.

Promote and take bookings for your digital goods and turn any location, venue, or infrastructure into a reservable item on a map, or from a content page. Customers can view inventory and availability in association with pages on your site, or a place on a map for items such as entrance fees, reservable venues and facilities, rentals, and events bookings. LocaleIQ gives you an easy way to manage product and services inventory, online reservations, bookings, and fulfillment, then monitor and report on sales performance.


Analytics Manager Powerful business and location intelligence.

LocaleIQ™ gives you the tools for more intelligent business decision making with site usage analytics and dashboards, visitor and volunteer heat maps, detailed inventory, projects, events, sales and reservations reports. When you manage a location or location-based events, it’s important that you understand the impact of actions and conditions against results. You should be able to drill down on project status against an event deadline, and analyze the weather’s impact against visitor volume or engagement. This is all more easily done from LocaleIQ’s single solution that provides detailed dashboards and analytics for location intelligence.

Getting Started

LocaleIQ™ is an affordable, predictable, unlimited users plan that puts the power of real-time mapping, content, project and event management into the hands of all your employees. Users securely plan, collaborate, publish and analyze from anywhere, at any time, on any internet enabled device.
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