Outfitters & Guides

Businesses such as outfitters and guides often do not have the time or resources to keep their patrons up to date on what’s new, but with LocaleIQ we make it easy for you to update and publish online maps, photos and video, and business information such as hours of operation, prices, schedules, guide availability, and promotions on a daily basis.

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Reach Your Customers

LocaleIQ Content Manager gives guides and outfitters a way to produce rich, online maps and information to better engage existing and potential customers. Whether you are a rafting guide that wants to share information about the river and individual rapids, a fishing guide sharing photos of recent catches and what to bring on a trip, or a rental agency for outdoor activity and leisure items providing information about bike rentals and riding routes, your team can create and publish great online content, maps, and multimedia for your customers.

For Your Eyes Only

We understand that as a guide part of what makes your service valuable is your knowledge. LocaleIQ allows you to privately share maps with your team only tracking active fishing and hunting areas, wildlife viewing, or other spots that you don’t want to share publically. Track this data over time for trending data on seasonal and weather impacted activity.

Ever Changing Maps

As an outfitter or guide, your mapping needs may change because the best fishing and hunting, or bird watching sites are ever-changing, or because you want to refresh your services by trying new routes or campsites. Map Manager allows you to easily map and publish your place of business, meeting spots, and routes using satellite imagery and our easy-to-use map drawing tools, or GPS data import.

Sales & Reservations

Don’t send your users to another site to complete their purchase, instead let them make reservations, bookings, and purchases directly from a map or content promoting your services on your site in advance of their visit. LocaleIQ Sales & Reservations Manager allows you the flexibility to create and manage inventory and allow online shoppers to buy or reserve items and services.

Social Media Promotion

Are you launching a service, offering a new promotion, or want to send out photos of your last great catch or excursion? LocaleIQ Social Media Manager integrates with top social media sites enabling you to send this information with associated photos or video to your social media community.

Business Analytics

LocaleIQ Business Analytics Manager provides you with the ability to view visitors, page views, track conversion, number of registrations, clicks and search statistics in robust dashboards by source, timeframe and other comparable KPIs. You will also to view change history, inventory and customers reports to manage your day to day operations.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

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LocaleIQ™ is an affordable, predictable, unlimited users plan that puts the power of real-time mapping, content, project and event management into the hands of all your employees. Users securely plan, collaborate, publish and analyze from anywhere, at any time, on any internet enabled device.

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