Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs, location specific communications and details can be critical to keeping the public safe and limiting damage. LocaleIQ’s crisis module enables crisis managers to plan in advance for crisis scenarios and during the crisis quickly manage and disseminate location specific information such as areas impacted, evacuation routes, safe zones, available services, and other critical information.

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Digital Mapping

Pre-populate your crisis management map with parcel, infrastructure, and important emergency services location information; then enhance it with data feeds from weather and conditions sensors. When dealing with a natural disaster, whether it’s a wildfire, hurricane, flooding, avalanche, or earthquake, and you don’t have the time to gather detailed GPS data, LocaleIQ’s Map Manager gives you multiple ways to geotag information and draw boundaries, evacuation routes, meeting places, etc. without GIS expertise. Append all mapped items with content details (through disaster type specific smart forms), photos, videos, and other descriptive information. Use LocaleIQ APIs to easily import GIS data onto over 15 map tiles including The National Weather Map, Esri, Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.


Before a crisis occurs, collaboration between agencies for crisis mitigation is key. Joint planning between public works, public safety, utilities, and local and national public safety agencies on potential scenarios for pre, during, and post crisis management can mean saving lives and costs. Interagency communications during a crisis are more valuable when it’s easy to communicate location specifics and impact area predictions. With LocaleIQ, inter-agency collaboration can be done across town or across the country, from the office or from the field. LocaleIQ’s unlimited user licensing means that you don’t have to give adding new users a second thought.

Real-time Field Updates

The ability to update information from the field or office with real-time updates, alerts, notifications, images, videos, descriptions, and more can provide support teams and the public with critical information about what is needed and where and what is happening in their specific area. Crisis managers can create and publish custom alerts and condition information for a specific location or a zone. For consistent information collection from the field, both the public and agency workers can complete surveys for detailed real-time, geo-tagged updates from any internet enabled device.

Project Management

When a storm is on its way, or fire season starts, location specific projects such as storm drain clearing or controlled burns require preparedness projects with reference to specific locations. During and after a crisis, volunteer management, and project and task assignment by location is critical to quick recovery and a return to normal life. LocaleIQ’s Project Manager and Events Manager makes volunteer management, employee projects, tasks assignment and tracking effective and measurable.


Sensors are becoming more and more critical to managing real-time updates in times of crisis. Whether it’s collecting sensor information for weather data, flood or wildfire detection, water quality collection, traffic flow, etc. it’s critical that this data be tied to a map and actionable. Sensor data collection and mapping is easy with LocaleIQ’s APIs. Specific data can trigger actions, projects, alerts, and conditions updates. Sensor data is more meaningful when analyzed in conjunction with related location-specific data through LocaleIQ Analytics Manager.


During a crisis, multilingual communities need information in the languages they understand. LocaleIQ gives you the ability to publish information and label mapped locations in multiple languages. LocaleIQ will detect the primary language of the operating system of the device being used and will automatically deliver content in that language when available and will also allow the user to filter by language. Use LocaleIQ to quickly publish content, maps, conditions, alerts, projects, events, surveys and more in multiple languages.


Data analysis is critical to being able to prepare and plan for disasters and recover from a disaster faster. Detailed location data helps you know what to prioritize, where to spend your time and resources, and to analyze successes, failures, and costs to better address future events. LocaleIQ Analytics Manager allows you to report on tracked and date stamped data over time allowing you to identify trends and anomalies and thus to make better decisions for future planning and unforeseen events.

Public Notification

When it’s time to alert the public of anticipated crisis mitigation plans, or during a crisis of any related closures, evacuation routes, shelter locations, and then later of related reopening, location information is critical. LocaleIQ’s easy to use web publication and Social Media Manager allows you to quickly notify the public with real-time map updates, photos, video, and detailed descriptions.


LocaleIQ™ includes smart forms and data libraries for 21 specific sectors to give our broad range of customers simplified and streamlined management of their geographical operations, customer outreach, and data analytics.

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